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Moving Forward

Noyzmkr, Sep 6, 12 10:50 AM.
Hey Yall,
Well we are moving forward although at the moment its slow. I added some class links, today I will be fixing the ones that dont seem to work. Also keep checking I will be setting up some Guild Funtions for all of us. One that Im working on is a Joust. Ive done them in the past and they are a blast! Looking forward to getting things jumpstarted we have a great guild. Lets all get involved

Kids back at school

Noyzmkr, Sep 4, 12 6:31 PM.
Alright Yall things have been hectic around here since I returned home. Now that the kids have returned to school I will make a concerted effort to keep this updated and will be working on adding some useful info!
Ive got a great list of links to add thanks to Astraios. We have made some strides in recruitment and I would like to do some guild events soon. Stay Tuned! See you in Norrath!!


Noyzmkr, Jul 8, 12 11:48 PM.
Hey yall Im back. I had a unexpected absence from the game. Some thing are unavoidable. We are a guild of adult players. We are doing what the game is about questing, leveling, grouping with friends, aint that what its all about! If your looking for hardcore raiding we aint it! BuT if you wanna have fun with friends and play, just mail us here or Mastik, Hatefullness, Bitterness, or Catmaan in game!

Back In Buisiness

Noyzmkr, Jul 8, 12 11:41 PM.
Hello yall, sorry bout the dissapearing act but some things cant be avoided! Im back and we gonna get this thing rolling again. We are actively recruiting at the moment. We are fun filled group of players that love the game but are not owned by it! we group and play all over Norrath. Give us a shout if interested.


Noyzmkr, Aug 18, 11 9:58 AM.
Hey yall,

Just letting yall know im working on getting stuff done. I hope to have the Bank up and running in a few days, I have added some links and have many more to add. Please keep the emails coming with requests and comments. Dont forget to use the forums they are such a usefull tool.

As always, your Humble Mage

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